his daughter

just a girl striving to please a perfect God. I fail daily, but His grace is sufficient.



from the song OCEANS by Hillsongs United ♫


I love a lot of things.

4. March 2014

I love a lot of things. I love music. I love dancing. I love watching raindrops slide down the window. I love puppies. I love laughing. I love friends. I love having heart-to-heart conversations. I love my family. I love roadtrips. I love hugs. I love Colton Dixon. I love when babies fall asleep in my arms. I love cute couples. I love slow dancing. I love meeting new friends through fandoms. I love autumn weather. I love celebrating birthdays. I love certain tv shows. I love pregnant bellies. I love social media. I love it when the artist stops singing and the crowd takes over during concerts. I love weddings. I love campfires. I love how my parents have never given up. I love smiles. I love the thought of being in love one day. I love sweets. I love proposals. I love how my arms and legs feel like jello after working out. I love worship songs. I love it when people tickle me even though I tell you I hate it. I love crying. I love books. I love online shopping. I love feeling pretty. I love pictures. I love mushy gushy stuff. I love boys that smell really nice. I love cute texts that make me feel loved. I love the beach. I love having a crush. I love insiders. I love old couples holding hands. I love cuddling. I love corny jokes. I love baby giggles. I love pickup lines. But most of all, I love my Jesus. He is love and I see Him in everything I’ve ever loved.

Weekly Encouraging Videos

17. February 2014

Hi, guys! I will be doing this thing where I post a worship video/music video/random encouraging video from youtube at least three times a week, starting now. It’s just a little something to try to make your day better. Be blessed! :) xoxo


Spending time with Jesus puts me in a better mood, no matter what. :)

We are Your burning ones. We are consumed by You.

God WANTS you.

17. February 2014

Just think about that for a second. The Creator of everything good and pure and true wants YOU! It’s hard to wrap our brains around the fact that He is jealous for our attention and desires our love. But He does. And we should give that to Him willingly.

I need to remind myself of this every single day.

Sometimes “coincidences” are actually God trying to tell you something. Be mindful of the things around you.